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The Web Traffic Coach: An Interview With Jeff M Newman

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 08:53 AM PST

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Jeff M Newman, also known as The Web Traffic Coach – shares with us his thoughts on social media, blogging & how to generate traffic. You can learn more about Jeff at his website,

1. You're called The Web Traffic Coach. Could you tell us about the name & why you first started blogging?

I chose this name because my mission is to provide resources and encouragement that help people drive more traffic to their websites. I started blogging to help people learn from my experiences online and to provide them great value. I enjoy encouraging, coaching, and helping people market their businesses. Blogging is a great communication tool to accomplish this.

2. How long have you been involved with computers & the online experience?

I have been involved in online business since 1995. I built my first website for my neighbor to help my neighbor sell homemade chess sets.

3. How do you use social media & why?

I use social media to connect with friends and to build business relationships, to build and strengthen relationships in a much more powerful capacity than a static website and email, and to find people that have the same interests as I do.

4. What major changes do you see the in future of social networking & blogging?

I imagine that there will be more and more ways to meet people that have similar interests. I believe that it will be easier and easier to post multi-media content and share this content for the new user. You can already see how easy it is for people to share personal content on Facebook. It will get easier and easier to communicate through various means without having to hop technology hurdles.

5. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a blogger?

My biggest strength is generating ideas that can help people with their businesses. My biggest weakness is not having enough time to publish them all.

6. Besides computers & your profession – what hobbies & activities do you pursue?

I spend most of my time with my two year old boy Alex and my gorgeous wife. We are having another child soon. This takes up most of my time. I also enjoy surfing, going on hikes, and mountain biking.

7. For the beginning blogger or affiliate marketer – what advice would you give?

I would personally brand yourself. I would also take efforts to build trust with your readers. When people trust you and believe in you, they will buy what you recommend.

8. What business ventures are you currently involved in?

Right now my day job is software consulting for law firms. My web business is I am “The Web Traffic Coach.”

9. What's your favorite social networking community & why?

My favorite social networking community is Facebook because it offers a great way to market oneself and to build community. Twitter comes in second because it is a great way to find the latest and greatest news about marketing.

10. In your opinion – what's the best way to build quality traffic?

There are so many ways to build quality traffic. The best way to build traffic is through education, continual planning, and dedication to following your traffic generation plan.

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