Trying to find traffic

Website traffic is a challenge for a new web designer, you need to have many skills in order to get noticed. It's always nice to get help from webmasters that know what they are doing, witch I hope to be someday. I find that searching a search term or phrase is very important if you want to get good information from the websites that you visit.

I had an idea about how to do just that. Go to your favorite search engine type in a lengthy question with lots of detail. Take a look at the first few on the list and remember these.

Next go to a good value site that gives ratings and rankings like Alexa or compete. Insert the first website from your previous search and check to see all the sites linking in. This is where you will find all kinds of great information on the subject you were looking into. Maybe you can get some sites to link in as well. This method could be used in a variety of ways and with multiple products, streams and websites.

I hope this has been helpful, thanks Rob  

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